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Here are the rules and the Codex Palladium. Once online, a Codex will be formalized after 3 months, the time left for players to give us feedback. You can give us feedback on the codex via the Contact page. The date of formalization is indicated on the codex. Actually, Rules and Codex are in french version but we're working to translate its at an english version. The Codex's Updates during theses three months are available on the document "Codex's Updates".


NetEpic Palladium was born from the desire of French players, to offer all rules and codex reviewed and updated, balanced and clear.


However, we wanted to keep a "professional" look to books, be they rules or Codex. So NetEpic Palladium books are available in color, full of cool pictures, premium illustrations and stories to set the mood for your epic battles. NetEpic fans will no longer need to print dull word processing reams_! NetEpic Palladium is an expert E-publication designed to be printed and bound like any booklet. This is to allow NetEpic players around the world to present a book as visually as qualitative as its own rules!


Such a company could only see the light of day with the involvement of many players and is collaborative.

If you have any questions about the rules, do not hesitate to contact us via the questionnaire available on the "FAQ" page


You will find on the "Templates/Counters" page all the templates and counters useful for the game in STL format for 3D printing.