Pour des batailles titanesques dans l'univers de 40K !


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If Epic Space Marines/Titan Legion was a good game, its rules needed an evolution, no game being perfect, especially in time.

So as soon as the game was released, a team of players continued the work and continuously improved the game giving NetEpic.

The NetEpic Palladium creation team is composed of French and Swiss players who, passionate about the NetEpic rules, have undertaken to improve them and bring them up to date in order to offer everyone a better game experience.

The NetEpic Palladium v2 rules are the result of this collective work. We are listening to the community, whether it be via Discord, other social networks or even meetings. We don't think for a moment that we will get a perfect game, it simply doesn't exist. We just want to give you a balanced game, as complete as possible, fun and tactical, easy to play.


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