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Welcome to the French site dedicated to the NetEpic game.

NetEpic is a player-managed game and the sequel to Epic Space Marines / Titan Legion game.

Here you will find the rules and Codex of NetEpic Palladium, version made by players and for the players.


Epic was a Games Workshop game in the 40K universe, allowing to play gigantic battles and to confront whole companies and the terrible war machines of the Adeptus Titanicus.

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2021/04/25 : Release : Ultramarines Army Cards and Tyranid Swarm Army Cards (in french) availables

2021/04/17 : Release : T'aus Palladium English Army Books

2021/03/29 : Release : Leviathan Hive Fleet Army Book

2021/03/21 : Release : Kronos Hive Fleet Army Book