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Welcome to the French site dedicated to the NetEpic game.

NetEpic is a player-managed game and the sequel to Epic Space Marines / Titan Legion game.

Here you will find the rules and Codex of NetEpic Palladium, version made by players participating in French tournaments for a better balance of the game. Codex will be released as time goes by and each Codex will be in test version for the three months following its release to better benefit from player feedback. Epic was a Games Workshop game in the 40K universe, allowing to play gigantic battles and to confront whole companies and the terrible war machines of the Adeptus Titanicus.

See you soon !



2021/02/19 : Green Squat issue #2

2021/02/02 : Release: english corerules book

2021/01/16 : Release : Genestealer Cult Codex