FTR Rules & Codex

After the first French NetEpic tournaments, the players noticed that there were still imbalances of units to correct. Thus was born the project French Tournament Review whose objective is to provide the players Rules and Codex for both parties between friends and tournaments.

Bringing together twelve regular players, this ambitious project has helped to rebalance the various units between them, to insert new units available at 40K and to have a set of clear and fluid rules.

While some codices are still being rewritten, most are now available and are used in two major French tournaments: VIP and NEF.

For the moment, the rules and the Codex are in French but an English version is planned for 2019. In addition, if you want to translate or help translate the codex and rules in another language, contact us via the contact page. We will be happy to provide codex and rules in your language.

The FTR team.