FTR Codex


For the moment, the rules and the Codex are in French but an English version is planned for 2019. In addition, if you want to translate or help translate the codex and rules in another language, contact us via the contact page. We will be happy to provide codex and rules in your language.


Tactical Objective Cards

Here is a set of Tactical Objective Cards to use during games. These cards do not replace the points obtained by capturing the standard objectives or the losses caused to the opposing army but allow to gain additional victory points during the games.

There are 42 mission cards (in French and English), 2 rules cards (FR and EN) and a blank card for those who wish to add 1 more mission. The missions indicated are quite varied and range from the capture of a specific objective to the assassination of an opposing character ...

The use is quite simple:
- After placing the armies, each player draws at random 3 Tactical Objective Cards, these are the 3 active missions.
- At the end of the turn, at the time of the count, each successful mission pays between 1 and 3 points (depending on the difficulty) and these cards are then put aside
- the player is then allowed to discard 1 active mission card that he deems too complicated / impossible to achieve among the remaining active missions
- he then draws enough cards to return to 3 active missions

There are 2 "special" cards, these are Priority Order cards. When you draw one, you have to draw a Tactical Objective Card and associate it with the Priority Order. The indicated mission is to be realized for the next turn obligatorily (even if it is impossible ... Who said that all the orders of the High Commandment were realizable?). If the mission is successful, 1PV is scored in addition to the one given by the mission. If it fails, the Priority Order card and the associated Tactical Objective Card are automatically discarded at the end of the turn.

Cards are made to fit in 63mm * 88mm (2 1/2 "* 3 1/2") size card protectors and can be printed on both sides.